About Chop Siouxy



Is an eco-friendly line of cut and sew separates made from overstock and recycled fabric. The line evokes a diverse background with a style shaped by the streets of LA, Inspired by vintage silhouettes, mixed cultures and the earths beauty!
The "Chop Siouxy" name comes from the Founder and Designer Christina Bernal who is a proud Lakota Sioux.
"The name is a representation of myself coming from mixed backgrounds and cultures...I wanted to bring my heritage to the brand and the name reminds us all that we are of mixed cultures" So much of who we are as individuals comes from our family traditions and community.

The CS Nation are free spirits, love and respect our Mother Earth... we are traditional but modern, sexy and cool with a rock n roll edge!



Chop Siouxy Artist Collaborations:

 Native American Artist "Renelle White Buffalo" www.whitebuffaloart.com 

"Michael Buntyn" http://www.michaelbuntyn.com/ and "Lea Barozzi" http://leabarozzi.com/illustration/chop-siouxy/. 

Is a collection of carefully curated vintage and current clothing. Garments are picked based on quality, fabric, silhouette and uniqueness and are merchandised to fit in with todays latest looks.
 A capsule collection of vintage garments that are reconstructed and up-cycled into something exciting and new!!


Join the CS Nation! 

Christina Bernal

email: Chopsiouxy@gmail.com

Founder and Designer of Chop Siouxy Clothing